Hello Again

Hello again, My friend

I know you think I’ve not been near

But I have watched and stepped and guided

Every step and thought and tear


In these, the silent years

You’ve grown to trust, heed, persevere

And I’ve come to say you’re ready

Fullness of time has now appeared


I will do, what I will do

I will do it in My time

Though you rebel, slow down or hasten

Obey or choose your plan, not Mine


I will do for you, as promised

I am faithful, to the end

And because you have believed Me

You, I’ll always call My friend



Reflecting after Chuck Swindoll sermon on Abraham – 13 years silence then birth announcement at 99. Genesis 17

A Time To Sow

The scorching heat is almost done

So circle work is soon begun

Burning, smoke and water cart

Spray and rain, will give a start


Seed and super, fertilise

The hardest hour? Before sunrise!

Rains are welcome, if they arrive

But seeders may then sit a while


Pour and drive, turn, unblock

Auger, seeder, combine, stock

Move sheep and cattle; hay to feed

Another paddock, sow with seed


Days and nights are ever long

Families sing their mournful song

Soon the season will be done

Winter, spring rains; would we welcome




Shared and Sharing Experience

I have just listened to Wes Moore speak at TED on how to talk to veterans about their wars. 

His comments directed my thoughts to other individuals and groups whose communities and families may or may not approach them, or may unintentionally offend or wound through ignorance.

Social media and other communication mediums are replete with those who have endured war, abuse, rape, disability, pain, physical and mental illness, job-loss, moral and financial bankruptcy, child-loss, widow-hood (I could go on), all looking for others who have shared in a similar experience and/or a place to be heard and valued.

My simple hope is that we each would take an interest and the time to discover what another’s experience has been like, and share our own experiences so that someone else may not feel alone in theirs. Talking about our lives is healthy for the speaker, the listener and our social connections. Not talking, asking or listening only breeds our sense of isolation, negative identity assumptions (of ourselves and others), and disconnection from each other when we all have a desire to belong – somewhere.

Psalm 41 and 42

Flats, sun through tree

My soul thirsts for the living God. When will I see the face of God?


Looking back

I will remember Him from past goodness.


27 Sunset trees 13

His song with me in the night; A prayer to the God of my life.


Misty Sunrise

Hope in God! I will yet praise Him.



Your body language shapes who you are

Wow, 2 minutes ‘power posing’ can affect your confidence and outcomes!

Your body language shapes who you are Amy Cuddy, TED 2012

…and for my christian friends: IF and WHEN God has called you to something, I was reminded of Jeremiah 1:17

Flexibility and Reform

I have just read a devotion by Chuck Swindoll on Insight For Living titled ‘Flexibility’ and based on Acts 16:6-10.

And I’m wondering…

Could it be that inflexibility and traditionalism don’t necessarily mean that one always refuses to do a new or different thing; but that one does all things – new and familiar – with the same old attitude, traits, judgementalism, blind following (lack of discernment), conformity, demand, prejudice, partiality, fear, insecurity…Reforming the things one does, without becoming a person reformed?

Just wondering.