The Dark, Dark Man

In the dark, dark man,

There was a dark, dark, sin.

In the dark, dark sin,

There was a dark, dark thought.

In the dark, dark, thought,

There was a dark, dark mood.

In the dark, dark mood,

There was a dark, dark, act.

In the dark, dark act,

There was The Dark, Dark Blood.

In The Dark, Dark, Blood,

There is The Bright, Bright Light.

In The Bright, Bright Light,

There is HOPE!



Micaela, Emma-Mae and Gina Marie


Catch me, catch me, if you can

I think I’ll run too fast.

I’m bigger, stronger quicker now,

Than when you chased me last.

Chase me, chase me, ‘round and ‘round

I’ll laugh and laugh out loud.

And if you catch me up this time

Me, your arms can wrap around.

Sit me, sit me on your lap

And read to me a while.

I’ll read the words that I have learnt

Since we snuggled here last time.

Rock me, stroke my tired head,

My pillow will be sweet.

But let me stay here close to you

‘Til I’m drifting, drifting – sleep.