A Time To Sow

The scorching heat is almost done

So circle work is soon begun

Burning, smoke and water cart

Spray and rain, will give a start


Seed and super, fertilise

The hardest hour? Before sunrise!

Rains are welcome, if they arrive

But seeders may then sit a while


Pour and drive, turn, unblock

Auger, seeder, combine, stock

Move sheep and cattle; hay to feed

Another paddock, sow with seed


Days and nights are ever long

Families sing their mournful song

Soon the season will be done

Winter, spring rains; would we welcome




Seasons Change

All bronzed and dry with heat

From summer-length of days

Will see the dead seed fall

Wait out the season’s haze


When showers shall begin

Fall on settled dust and grain

Moistened, warm, implanted

The dead will shoot again


Needs be the death of old

Then nourishment anew

For shoots of green afresh

See hope, just pushing through


New life again shall come

From old once dead and dry

When showered and shone upon

Earthbound from the sky


Nourishment raining down

New growth reaching up

The dead will fall, the living rise

That hope might fill my cup






What I Learned or Was Reminded of Today

In discussions today during the ‘Growth Group’ I am part of, these things were mentioned:

We have a choice in how we wait for things

We can have an ‘earthly’ view (look at everything in relation to the present) or eternal view

We can – or do we – look back with hindsight

Focus on side-tracks can lead to deception/being deceived

Intensity may increase near to the end/delivery

A seed planted, has to have died first

Justice should be taken very seriously

The hard and painful stuff will have an end, but He who is absolute truth will not

Pay attention to the signs

Look with and not through the eyes (Michael Card’s words)


The Rock

The sheltered rock, the craggy place

Though hidden, dark and lifeless

Will harbour still, the seed unseen

To shoot and grow with time’s pass


So hide and wait in crevice rest

For moisture, warmth and days

Aft time full-spent and all fulfilled

Grows life from seed once dazed


Tree growing out of rocks
Tree growing out of rocks