A Time To Reap

A long, hot season

stretches out; another year’s reason

Approaching year’s end

single mother-hood looms; days extend

School days are closing

awards, presentations, plays; imposing

Husband’s are working

long days and nights; exerting

Gaps that need filling

collecting, driving, cooking, feeding

Pausing for breakdowns

parts, fuel, tools, kids; town

Night falls the same

what is sleep, just a name

Maybe sun, showers or frost

hoping all is not lost

Christmas, New Year and all

at season’s end, let rest fall


Seasons Change

All bronzed and dry with heat

From summer-length of days

Will see the dead seed fall

Wait out the season’s haze


When showers shall begin

Fall on settled dust and grain

Moistened, warm, implanted

The dead will shoot again


Needs be the death of old

Then nourishment anew

For shoots of green afresh

See hope, just pushing through


New life again shall come

From old once dead and dry

When showered and shone upon

Earthbound from the sky


Nourishment raining down

New growth reaching up

The dead will fall, the living rise

That hope might fill my cup