Backward glance,

I see triumphs

Joys with sweetness complete

Failures and losses

Broken hearts, making weak

The mountains stand tall

With rocky terrain

The view from on high

That could not be explained

Valleys, long hidden

Still the ache is recalled

Of the mist and the darkness

When hope’s vision was stalled


Many a climb

Still awaits to be trod

Thrills of decent

Made with ease or a slog

The dark will encroach

As it did once before

so with rear-view reminder

Return again to the shore

Of the land that is newness

Respite from the swell

Washed by the tumult

A fresh form to compel


When at last all is done

And at journey’s great end

Take the form life was moulding

A soul that none can rescind



My Night-Time Friend

White Moon

Hello my friend, my light in the dark

Aglow amid the night, so stark

I trace your lines, illuminated

Just you and I, the world retreated

Orange Moon

I long for stillness, peace, rest and quiet

You rise alone, reflecting daylight

Sure and steadfast, reminder still

A new day comes, night for rest to fill