Good Friday 2018

Blood Red

Bright Red Blooms

Blood red shines brightest – by light of day

White and clean – in the sunlight’s rays

Without the night, there is no day

Day brings hope, when night comes our way

In Sunlight's Rays

White Flowers in the Morning Sun

Darkness hides – a coverlet

In light exposed – a life well lit

A cover shifts, and slides, and slips

And light awaits – to come to grips

With all that’s hidden, oppressed and weak


To bring pow’r, relief, and sweet release

Light of Day

Bench shadowed beneath a tree, morning sun ready to break through


My Night-Time Friend

White Moon

Hello my friend, my light in the dark

Aglow amid the night, so stark

I trace your lines, illuminated

Just you and I, the world retreated

Orange Moon

I long for stillness, peace, rest and quiet

You rise alone, reflecting daylight

Sure and steadfast, reminder still

A new day comes, night for rest to fill