Whisper And Truth

Internal, infernal, a whisper eternal
A voice and a cry and a thought
Try to hide

It creeps and it seeps, try suppression to treat
But it scrapes and it claws up
Within won’t abide

Release and relief, expressed at length or in brief
An outlet, a fountain, a fissure
Soothing relief


A strike and a light, the truth justified
Establishing, grounding in depths
Out of sight

The murmur, the mumble, the mutter of breath
Acknowledged and heard aloud
Exposed to the right

As murmur and thought, the voice and the cry
Find submission to truth and light
Peace will arrive

10/13 April 2014

My Night-Time Friend

White Moon

Hello my friend, my light in the dark

Aglow amid the night, so stark

I trace your lines, illuminated

Just you and I, the world retreated

Orange Moon

I long for stillness, peace, rest and quiet

You rise alone, reflecting daylight

Sure and steadfast, reminder still

A new day comes, night for rest to fill