Flexibility and Reform

I have just read a devotion by Chuck Swindoll on Insight For Living titled ‘Flexibility’ and based on Acts 16:6-10.

And I’m wondering…

Could it be that inflexibility and traditionalism don’t necessarily mean that one always refuses to do a new or different thing; but that one does all things – new and familiar – with the same old attitude, traits, judgementalism, blind following (lack of discernment), conformity, demand, prejudice, partiality, fear, insecurity…Reforming the things one does, without becoming a person reformed?

Just wondering.

Where To Look

Eleven days ago we had a lunar eclipse and I have seen some beautiful photos of this striking event of the sky but…

Lunar Eclipse Sunset 1…I was watching the sun set that evening…

Lunar Eclipse Sunset 2

…in the opposite direction…

Lunar Eclipse Sunset 3

…equally striking, yet different…

Lunar Eclipse Sunset 4

Where are you looking; what do you see; are there signposts you’re missing (thanks Shane)?

We don’t all have to look in the same direction at the same time, or all of the time, or at all – some of the time.


Quoting and Responding


Betty Edwards – Drawing on the Artist Within

We have become accustomed to thinking of artistic ability as basically unteachable…Moreover, many…have shared the unspoken belief that artistic abilities are largely non-essential…

I propose that learning to see and draw is a very efficient way to train the visual system, just as learning to read and write can efficiently train the verbal system. That is not to say that the visual system is better, morally or otherwise, than the verbal system. But the two systems are different. And when trained as equal partners, one mode of thinking enhances the other, and together the two modes can release human creativity.

My claim is quite modest…Through learning to draw perceived objects or persons, you can learn new ways of seeing that guide strategies in creative thinking and problem solving just as, through learning to read, you acquire verbal knowledge and learn the strategies of logical, analytical thought…And you will have taken a giant step toward attaining a modern brain.

Victor Lowenfeld: via Betty Edwards – Drawing on the Artist Within

We have to regard it our sacred responsibility to unfold and develop each individual’s creative ability as dim as the spark may be and kindle it to whatever flame it may conceivably develop. (Basics of Creative Thinking – 1961)

Robyn Krowicky – singing/piano teacher

Music engages both sides of the brain.

My 17 year old daughter

Sight reading and singing at the same time engages both sides of the brain.

John Anderson – ‘Open House’ interview – paraphrase

Beliefs, values, behaviour, ethics, policy.

Unsure who it was I read or heard this from but…perhaps Dr Hugh Mackay

We tend to practice what is natural or what we know already rather than practicing what is unfamiliar to further develop it.

Mick and Ruby Duncan – Alongsiders

Work from your weaknesses.


So, be holistic! Practice holistically, attend to your whole being.

We were made in the image of The Creator.

If (as I have repeatedly heard in recent years) men are naturally drawn to the ‘visual’ and women to the ‘verbal’, which should we practice more?

Have we been re-creating lopsided monsters instead of holistic persons?

That is all.

Grace, Mercy, Truth, Knowledge, Discernment…Wisdom


I choose to think, say and do what will be in your best interests regardless of how you treat me. I choose to favour you because I want to. I’m not going to do what pleases you always, but what would be in your best interests.


I choose to not give you what you deserve, but better than you deserve. I choose not to punish you, but shower you with loving kindness.


I will be honest; with myself, with The Designer, with you, with others…


I will find out as much as I can, about as much as I can.


I will think through all knowledge, thought, action, word, judgement…


I will use knowledge, truth, mercy, grace and discernment to

think, speak, act, assess…live.

I choose to progressively and increasingly become this person, because this is the nature and character of my designer and restorer; because this is how He behaves towards me; because He has made me His dwelling place and is processively infiltrating my being with His.

Design, Creation, Control

I find the illusion of having absolute control one of the greatest deceptions of my inner self.

I find the knowledge that I don’t have to try to be in absolute control one of the greatest comforts of my inner self.

My dilemma arrives as I desire absolute control. How strange to think it even possible that I could attain absolute control. Of what? The weather? Another person? My emotions? The future? The Past?

Is having responsibility the same as having control? What about management? Where does the ‘buck stop’?

If there is a Designer/Creator of all that is ‘the universe’, and I believe there is, then wouldn’t that Designer know how everything would work at its best? Wouldn’t that Designer have already determined what would result from operation according to design and/or against design?

What have I thought, what have I done when exhilaration or trauma have come my way? Especially when unforeseen or not as a direct result of myself in some way. When my mother died, having blind children, losing friends tragically…or when my children were born, friends celebrate an accomplishment, I have a victory in life…

The Creator I have come to know has proven Himself trustworthy; a promise keeper, just, a provider, among other things. He has proven Himself the one who offers restoration to design after I have initially rejected that design and found that I am unable to ‘operate’ properly; unable to understand or fulfil the original design thereby creating confusion, a mess.

If the Designer has provided a way for me to return to design, and I have taken up that offer, then all things will be being worked out toward the goal of original design, fulfilment, purpose, the joy of being who I was intended to be. Like the bird, enjoying the breeze. Sometimes I watch a bird fly, glide, dip and soar. They appear to often do so for the sheer pleasure of it. Not always to hunt, teach young, escape, ‘fly south’. They enjoy it because they were designed for it. If I’ve taken up ‘the offer’ then all things will be bringing me back to design. Sometimes that is the only thing to hang on to! The sure hope that there will be another side to come out at, closer to where I want to be, where I was designed to be. And the Designer will be there every step of the way, knowing how to direct me according to design. He has kept every promise thus far, why would I not expect Him to continue to be faithful? He has even given me a reminder that He is a promise keeper, knowing that one of the results of my living against design is that I forget and mistrust.

A rainbow is a thing of beauty, especially when found in unexpected places.


Rainbow in a waterfall.