D-Day, at the first
Was the beginning of the end
Of that long, protracted woe
When darkness did descend
D-Day now for me
Marks the end of what began
So many years ago
That its presence I rescind

Forever changed by woes
They could never have perceived
Crushed of soul by darkened sorrow
Ending? Joyous treasures! Sorrow’s seed
And my pounding, crushing, tearing
Has now softened over time
I am altered, modelled after
My once-crushed saviour, who is mine

No need to fear a day’s refining
Though, if we dwell, that’s what we do
He’ll keep us, even in the furnace
Grant unknown strength to follow through
And when we reach another shore
Carried by the crashing waves
That had once appeared our ending
We’ll find he, once again, has saved

Beauty from the ashes
Oil of joy for mourn
Daylight follows darkness
Calm behind the storm
The trial of the crucible
Removing things held dear
Is the path to new creations
Even me, and you, down here

17, 21/8/2020
Reflecting on VP Day – 15 August

Oh, Mother of Mine

Mum wedding day


Oh, mother of mine

Whose love, so divine

Was comfort to all

Whenever we’d call

Inviting us in

After thought or at whim

Grace and mercy all round

Loving arms to surround

Providing tastes to delight

Waiting up in the night

Home and clothing so clean

Diligence gone unseen

Growing gardens of flowers

Beholding beauty was ours

Grace was personified

In your life, now glorified

A piece of us left with you

When to Christ’s feast you flew

What joy it will be

When greets us, Saviour and thee


I love you Mum, my mum

Dad and Mum wedding day

Storm of Night, Light of Day

It sounds like cleansing refreshment

Announced with a flash and a roar

Tumble and rumble and light from on high

Through the sky and down onto the floor


Enlightenment, pounding, now earthbound

All surfaces will be awash

The grease and the dust long-settled

Will be taken away by the rush


When all becomes calm, has been seasoned

As this night slips forever away

May the view be restored in the brightness

Clear perspective in the light of new day




The Body

The Body 1

Fresh in flows

of new life

now redeemed

Rushing in

with those established

keen to blend

Slowly mingle, feel their tingle

Add some depth now

Fresh and deep, reveals the course

Flowing through and out.

The Body 2

Dam it up

Keep it all

Now we have it!

If we share it

We may lose what we’ve gained

Now we’ve tasted sweet flows

Let’s not leave here

Why should we risk

Now we know, what we know.

The Body 3

Dark and dank and stagnant

Don’t move me

Don’t stir me

Don’t touch

Pass me by

I like the still shadows

The familiar above living flows.

The Body 4

Outward flowing

See the deep and refreshing

Let the rush

Wash you onto your knees

Feel the power

Hear the roar

All’s serene now

Deep and fresh

We are blinded, no more.



Alone, just an island,

A rock in the sea.

Unmoved and unchanged,

Or so it would seem.

But each drop of water

Congregated, a sea.

And each breath of air

Will yet pound over thee.

Some days we’ll blow gently,

Rumble in all with ease.

There’ll be times when we’re pounding;

Awesome winds, mighty seas.

There’ll be clarity, comfort,

A predictable season.

And rushing and roaring,

Sense will look like confusion.

When the gaze of your soul

Reaches down and around,

May there be a new shape

A new look to be found.

Still the one once designed,

With the rot washed away.

Unmistakably different,

Undeniably changed.