A Heart Sliced

Piece by piece my heart was sliced

Lies told, believed and shared with spice

Slowly bleeding, scab is formed

Scar and callous with every scorn


Life and love-blood still pulse through

How to penetrate a heart subdued?

Each time a slice is cut away

Seeping blood, means strength will wane


The sudden pain, then numbing shock

Each shaving, sliver that you took

Has wearied body, heart and soul

Though still I am, I don’t feel whole



A Heart Bludgeoned

Pounding, beating, striking hard

Relentless force, crushing, jarred

Unending, constant, take no breath

Wearing down, to point of death


My bludgeoned heart, still pulsating

Throbbing pulp, strength is waning

Your threats overt and sometime veiled

Lies and slander will not prevail


This heart of mine has loved on love

You kept at bay, by your pounding club

Diminishing, love does not

Heart’s black and blue, though, hide a lot



How Fortunate

How fortunate those who do not assert to have achieved the power of self

They have space to receive the gift of responsibility

How fortunate to have lamented regret and mourned over loss

These have heard the call to be near another’s side

How fortunate the mild and gentle soul

Theirs will be a gifted inheritance

How fortunate to have been in want for a need

Then the fulfilment of satisfaction or abundance can be appreciated

How fortunate to be actively compassionate

And to receive active compassion

How fortunate to have been washed clean of soul

These are they who gaze on and perceive the Divine

How fortunate those who action toward peace

They are named kin of the Divine

How fortunate when pushed to flee for being washed clean of soul

These ones rule with the heavenly

How fortunate to have been slandered and pursued by lies because of Christ Jesus – the washer of souls

You are those who fare well, who have great joy because of abundant reward from the Divine – as were those who foretold of the washer of souls


(Matthew Chapter 5, Verses 3-12)


Boundary Crossing

Are your boundaries defined?

Do you know where you stand?

Does life move in freedom and safety,

Your abode within your own land?


Have you visits across

Within another’s own bounds?

Invited in freely,

To not intrude on their ground?


Is your stay temporary?

Not a welcome outstayed?

Returning home to your space,

Or roaming day after day?


Do your gates have a lock?

Or are they open wide?

Are visits in, by inviting,

Or trampling over your line?


Would you share of your place,

With one who wants to be asked?

Have you locks to exclude

The one who’d like to push past?


When we keep not within boundaries

For protection and rest

We overwhelm or are smothered

Not seeking mine, or your best



Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies…

Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to stay children

Let ‘em mess up and suffer some loss

Let ‘em work hard but enjoy the results


Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to stay children

Help ‘em see who they are and have freedom to be

Help ‘em know how they feel and express it in deed


Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to stay children

Teach ‘em to express, create, laugh and weep

Teach ‘em to let others, so each soul will keep


Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to stay children

Show ‘em their value is equal to yours

Show ‘em the same worth of all others, of course


Mammas let all your babies grow up to be adults…