come together

for the purpose

of bringing to mind





come together

for the purpose

of relating

experience, history, cost, loss, protection, courage, sacrifice…consequence





in memorandum

of ‘consequentia’

as precedent to



Lest we repeat

Lest we consume

Lest we self-destruct

Lest we forget



A Heart Pierced

Assumed I, you would not see me

This, for us, not the pain to be

But stabbing, piercing agony

At tries to sever the heart and soul of thee


Eating, sleeping, snuggling you

A people’s person; loyal, true

Though you will seek to please, retain

They will puncture you, to stay the same


Affection will your offer be

To those who will not ever see

Your insight and your contribution

Dismissed, unseen, is your confusion


Loving, you will love complete

But many will not save a seat

A pierce-ed heart with bloody stain

Like mine, you will sometime sustain



A Heart Squeezed

Revisit a potential loss

To manage, will expect of course

With loss confirmed, it’s no surprise

This time ready, more the wise


Feeding fast, though sleep eludes

Enthusiasm, but holding wounds

No praising, hugging, teaching for

This one, will even any score


Assured of self, from day of birth

At home assured of all her worth

But other’s insecurities – and need for all conformity

Will squeeze, compress my heart with ease


To know your value and your worth

While others doubt, you yourself birth

Your own heart knows compression’s squeeze

As stifled, thwarted you’ll not be pleased



A Heart Pricked

My heart was pricked; a short, sharp sting

My first-born, as I looked at him

Would not, in turn, behold my face

My gaze of love, he would not trace


It’s true, there was a heartfelt ache

This path of life I would now take

The ache did not, though, linger long

But late in time, return in song


The latter song of long lament

Came with fever, a nightmare sent

And seizures; vacant, empty gaze

Salivate, then sleep for days


Lamenting long, and spent of days

To fight for teaching, what a maze!

Some would try to empathise

But weary soon of compromise


And now the sting, it lingers on

As time now brings you, your fight song

A world not used to other wise

Lamenting sting now your sweet prize



A Heart Bludgeoned

Pounding, beating, striking hard

Relentless force, crushing, jarred

Unending, constant, take no breath

Wearing down, to point of death


My bludgeoned heart, still pulsating

Throbbing pulp, strength is waning

Your threats overt and sometime veiled

Lies and slander will not prevail


This heart of mine has loved on love

You kept at bay, by your pounding club

Diminishing, love does not

Heart’s black and blue, though, hide a lot



An Apology, an Affirmation, and an Appeal

If one is due, always begin with an apology.


I believe an apology should be specific, made directly to the person offended or otherwise wounded, include request for forgiveness (so that offender and offended might have the opportunity to be free of bondage to the incident), and involve acts and declarations of repentance – turning from the unhealthy attitudes and behaviours by learning healthy ones; turning toward and acting from the healthy.

Though I know I have neglected and refused to apologise on occasion, I endeavor to do so as soon as I am aware of the need. Sometimes this apology is in person (preferable), in writing, or by phone. Sometimes this has taken some years to reach, where possible, all concerned. Becoming aware of my offences to others develops out of conversations where the offense is pointed out (hopefully with grace; in acknowledgement of the other’s and my equal value), or from my own inward awakening to it.

I am not required to apologise, though, because another declares it to be necessary. Sometimes another would have me take responsibility for their own offense, giving away their own identity, and value in the process.


My apology is to every person (and there may be more women than men) for ever presuming you were idolizing, or worshiping, or finding your identity, value or purpose in another human. Especially when this was an assumption made in response to your loss of that person. Most probably – but not necessarily – a parent, child or partner. This is not a generic apology; I can recall occasions when I think I have done this inadvertently. This is specific but public, and therefore made within the boundaries I believe are important in a public arena. I ask for your forgiveness?


My affirmation is of the times when, in private conversation and counsel, this giving of your own identity, value, and purpose to another has become evident as a piece in the puzzle you are seeking to complete about yourself…and I have had the privilege to lead you into a new journey, one of being authentically you. Part of being an authentic me/you, in relationship with authentic others, is to be immersed in the difficult places on our journey of life and growth as well as the pleasant places – even gently helping to bring some of the uncomfortable or painful into the light.

I seek out authentic and empathic others to join me in piecing together my puzzle, which is my life journey. I find such joy and intimacy with these others when we welcome each into the other’s journey, but do not give it to another to be responsible for.


My appeal stems from two places. Personal experience of others’ attempts to “comfort” and confront me with suggestions of not having my own identity – apparently evidenced by my loss, and in disregard or ignorance of whether how I have lived my life to that point provides evidence to the contrary – and the further loss of community inflicted as a result.

Though I have thought about this a lot lately, my prompt to write now comes from watching Sebastian Junger on TED recently. He has theorised, based on research and personal experience, that extended PTSD and other associated responses in retuned service men and women may be more the result of not having a community (tribe) to return to, than the actual trauma alone. But this places the responsibility on the building of “tribe” or belonging on the tribe, not the individual. I could wax lyrical (or otherwise) on how important I believe a sense of belonging and being in, but not alongside, community is for all, but that is a subject all its own. So, I appeal to us all to consider whether our responses to another’s experience draws them in, or casts them out; validates their existence, or discounts it; stems from intimate knowledge of them as a person, or springs from assumption; is a cliché (or might be received as such), or stems from empathy…


And for my Christian friends in particular, grief in response to the loss, illness or disability of a loved one, or the dreams connected with that loved one, is not an indication of idolizing the person. It is the soul’s response to major loss of relationship, whether that loss is by death, separation, illness, abuse, betrayal. Loss of relationship can also mean change in relationship, which brings with it a loss of what was.

Having recognised God as creator and the designer of each of us, we acknowledge that being created in His image, people of inheritance, we find our identity in being His children. We were designed to live according to our design. Part of our design, was that it was not good to be alone. I do not believe that this statement by our Designer was about marriage alone, but definitely about intimate relationship; sharing of life; interdependence; and, yes, each one’s dependence on the Designer. My identity is in my designer, redeemer and restorer, but part of His design of me was for community and relationship – with Him and other humans, not one or the other.

Telling someone who is suffering a great loss that their identity has to be in Christ is not a comfort, because it is an incomplete statement. It also disqualifies every relationship that person has ever had, including the one they have with you. So, in their loss of relationship (which is often the loss of many and not just one), the one grieving has been dismissed as incomplete because they sense the loss of something they were designed for, and something you most likely still have in some form.


Again I ask, do our responses draw someone in or cast them out?

What Trouble?

What trouble are giants

The battle is God’s

Working uniquely

Defying the odds

Trust power and goodness

Perfect strength when you’re weak

Sit with spirits of likeness

Allow the teacher to teach


Unstable in fear

Brings intimidation

Christ’s victory through you

In obedient decision

Alone in a cave

A cry of dependence

All glory to God

As He shows His transcendence



Responding to series of devotions on David by Chuck Swindoll

This Is Why Your Relationship Should Never Be Equal

I have read balance described as a see-saw (teeter-totter), up and down rhythm rather than constantly even.

James Michael Sama

Wait…what? Did you read that right? I thought I was the guy who was always supposed to be advocating for equality and fairness, particularly between genders and in relationships. Well, I still am, but the reality is that your relationship will never be truly equal. And on top of that – it shouldn’t be anyway.

How could I say such a thing? Because complete equality in a relationship is not the road to happiness, as some may think. We should all be equal in terms of rights and respect given to us, especially when part of a couple. We should all be treated fairly. But if we push the idea of a 50/50 relationship, we perpetuate a selfish mindset already rampant in our society.

Hear me out.


If I do something for a significant other, I should be doing it because I want to. Because seeing her happy makes me happy…

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“The sunshine fills my hair and dreams hang in the air”…

Hmmm, stepping back.

Eye Will Not Cry

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Look inside your memory…
None of this is real…
All you think you know…
See or touch and feel…
Everything’s a mirage…
To deflect what’s going on…
Life is one big film set…
You’re a lyric in its song…

All that is around you…
Is just one big illusion…
“They” rely on compliance…
And thrive on your confusion…
Step back; you can see it…
And try to break through…
Escape from all your chains…
You’ll witness life anew…

It’s not what you thought…
Or how you once believed…
All that has been taught…
Is how “They” have deceived…
We work for the rich men…
Who laugh at the poor…
If you think there is equality…
You need to reveal more…

And understand what’s going on…
Outside your buried head…
Because people are so wicked…
And won’t care when you’re dead…
Start to ask some questions…
Don’t stop; just keep…

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