Psalm 41 and 42

Flats, sun through tree

My soul thirsts for the living God. When will I see the face of God?


Looking back

I will remember Him from past goodness.


27 Sunset trees 13

His song with me in the night; A prayer to the God of my life.


Misty Sunrise

Hope in God! I will yet praise Him.



Colour Contrast


Red Autumn

Red is red and green is green

And yellow’s another colour

Black changes not, if white declared

Nor even the reverse order

Duck Green

But, what if I don’t know red’s red

Never perceived green’s green

Will colour’s substance, behaviour change

If my ignorance is seen?


Colours will invigorate

Stimulate, enliven;

Or overwhelm, engulf, beset

No matter what I call them

moon white on black 2

Black makes the white so radiant

White shows the black so stark

And Love reveals all that is not

Of Love; all that is dark

Love is love, as Love declares

What love will always be

To give His name to something else

Won’t change that Love is He