In Praise of the Glory of Grace

Known prior to presence
Fitted for plan
Chosen in favour
Time and boundary in hand
Purposed design
Relational pull
Returning provision
Future payment in full

Blood red for cleansing
Death to give life
Light over darkness
Stained, then brightness of white
Nothing deserved
Not-a-one is a right
No earning, demanding
But Love bestows ‘cause he’s right

Love motivation
Initial design
Love intervention
When Love’s object’s confined
Freedom from bondage
Purchased from chains
Loved back to life
Restored to Love’s family name

Formed – then a turning
Pursued – all in love
Invited back into
The family of God
Oh the weight! Oh the heaviness!
So apparent and seen
The designer, redeemer
In whom I am fully me

Wonder of wonders!
Unconditional love
Descending on me
Certain hope from above
The call’s invitation?
To declare all my need
Then all praise to the glorious grace
I’ve been freed!


Drawing of a gateway from the outside and the inside on a black background. A sun is in the top left of the front picture, and the top right of the inside picture. Green grass and a tall red pot either side of the outside gateway (with green leafy plants). Either post of the entrance says, "Why am I here?" and a sign above the entrance says, "Choose Life in Christ". The inside gateway sign above says, "Chosen Before the Foundation of the World" and the side posts say, "To the Praise of His Glorious Grace". Below is a small red post either side of the gateway, yellow flowers within and green grass around

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