The Dark Knight

In dark of night
The dark knight rides
His steed a raven black
Encompassed by
A blade array
On this commissioned trek

The quest’s great goal
Lay further up
And further into what!?
A veiled, obscure
And distant yet –
And undisclosed-ed lot

A duty calls
In light of day
Or deepest, darkest night
In long great strides
The dark knight rides
Confronting fear and might

If triumphant then
At quest’s long end
Turn home on wings of pride
If loss and life
The lot to bear
Take it all in stride

But if the end
To bear is death
The dark knight’s brand new day
Those left behind
Take courage by
Dark knights riding, come what may


The Heart’s Gift

A heart’s great gift
Is to be known
So hold it care…
…fully, if shown
Heart’s placed on sleeves
Can bump and bruise
So hold with care…
…ful strokes of truth

The truest heart
In love responds
With gifts of know…
…ing and of song
For heart’s in tune
Their song will sing
A lyric note…
…what e’er the din