The dark inside is so dark

Its substance can’t be seen.

I think I’ve plumbed the depths

But only One has mastery.


The surface is the surface

No matter what the depth I claim.

I must seek the One who searches

Beneath the clutter I have named.


The unknown depths of darkness

Can be cleansed and made as snow,

If I will, and ask, surrender

To the One Who sees below.


So, I’ll ask the One to search within,

Beneath, below and under

To shine light into the darkness;

Once enjoined, now put asunder


December 2013

Where To Look

Eleven days ago we had a lunar eclipse and I have seen some beautiful photos of this striking event of the sky but…

Lunar Eclipse Sunset 1…I was watching the sun set that evening…

Lunar Eclipse Sunset 2

…in the opposite direction…

Lunar Eclipse Sunset 3

…equally striking, yet different…

Lunar Eclipse Sunset 4

Where are you looking; what do you see; are there signposts you’re missing (thanks Shane)?

We don’t all have to look in the same direction at the same time, or all of the time, or at all – some of the time.


The Naked Truth

Doodles Invigorate


When people are naked they become vulnerable, bare, and exposed. You can see everything; all the bumps, lumps, and imperfections. When sharing intimate private details most people feel like they are standing naked in front of the entire world. When the truth is ugly the exposure is more raw. Fear of humiliation, insecurities, pride, hurt, and extreme discomfort wash over a person. I like being honest because, most times, secrets find a way to escape and lies pierce the heart. I can’t stand feeling guilty for telling a lie or being fearful of secrets being revealed. I’d rather deal with the ugly naked truth, come what may. I like when others are honest with me, even when I might not want to hear it, because l value the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts but anything that hurts can be healed. Don’t be afraid. Be honest!

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Reflections: ‘Good Friday’

The Bible, Matthew 27:27-56;
‘The Passion of the Christ,’ movie by Mel Gibson;
Three Scenes, Tom Wall 1. Jesus endures the mocking 2. Jesus endures the cross 3. Jesus is no ordinary man, Corowa Presbyterian Church.
Oswald Chambers

Sin…is not wrong doing, it is wrong being, deliberate and emphatic independence of God…

Independence of our designer, creator and restorer.

As was mentioned today; a $50 note that has fallen in the toilet, the kitty litter, the mud, or anywhere else that would make it dirty, would still be of value to me. So is our value to Jesus, no matter how dirty our independence of Him has made us.

If Jesus was kept from death, I would have been kept from life.

Does God have to reveal Himself as I determine, for me to believe Him; or do I believe Him because of how and who He has already revealed Himself to be?

It was my sin that held Him there, until it was accomplished.
His dying breath has brought me life, I know that it is finished.

Stuart Townend – ‘How deep The Father’s Love For Us’

Am I Teachable

A friend in Western Australia stresses the need to be teachable; I have just had a visit from another friend who feels frustrated by some around her who seem to be unteachable.

This has reminded me of a few quotes in books I have read recently on art (drawing, painting…) and writing, some I think I have mentioned before.

…Through learning to draw perceived objects or persons, you can learn new ways of seeing that guide strategies in creative thinking and problem solving just as through learning to read, you acquire verbal knowledge and learn the strategies of logical, analytical thought…
Betty Edwards, “Drawing On The Artist Within”

We need a language capable of simple, beautiful expression yet containing complex thought that yields up our feelings instead of depriving us of them. You only get that kind of language-possibility through reading at a high level…What we think of as difficult is often only unfamiliar, so it can take a bit of time to get into a book. “…surf-syndrome of the Web” Reading is not skimming for information. Reading is a deeper dive. Or a high climb. Jeanette Winterson, “Stop What You’re Doing And Read This”

Socrates worried that a lack of internalised knowledge would lead to a lack of reflection about one’s personal relationship to the acme of knowledge, wisdom and virtue. Dr. Maryanne Wolf and Dr. Mirit Barzillai, “Stop What You’re Doing And Read This”

I don’t always want to be taught. Oh but I do, at the same time, want to be teachable!
And I do love to learn from others, especially through conversation – verbal, written, and the conversation of interdependent living.
Learn. Teach. Live. Enjoy.