The Body

The Body 1

Fresh in flows

of new life

now redeemed

Rushing in

with those established

keen to blend

Slowly mingle, feel their tingle

Add some depth now

Fresh and deep, reveals the course

Flowing through and out.

The Body 2

Dam it up

Keep it all

Now we have it!

If we share it

We may lose what we’ve gained

Now we’ve tasted sweet flows

Let’s not leave here

Why should we risk

Now we know, what we know.

The Body 3

Dark and dank and stagnant

Don’t move me

Don’t stir me

Don’t touch

Pass me by

I like the still shadows

The familiar above living flows.

The Body 4

Outward flowing

See the deep and refreshing

Let the rush

Wash you onto your knees

Feel the power

Hear the roar

All’s serene now

Deep and fresh

We are blinded, no more.

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