Grace, Mercy, Truth, Knowledge, Discernment…Wisdom


I choose to think, say and do what will be in your best interests regardless of how you treat me. I choose to favour you because I want to. I’m not going to do what pleases you always, but what would be in your best interests.


I choose to not give you what you deserve, but better than you deserve. I choose not to punish you, but shower you with loving kindness.


I will be honest; with myself, with The Designer, with you, with others…


I will find out as much as I can, about as much as I can.


I will think through all knowledge, thought, action, word, judgement…


I will use knowledge, truth, mercy, grace and discernment to

think, speak, act, assess…live.

I choose to progressively and increasingly become this person, because this is the nature and character of my designer and restorer; because this is how He behaves towards me; because He has made me His dwelling place and is processively infiltrating my being with His.

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