Broken, Scarred, Loved, Free

Oh, what is it that is precious to me,

What draws me to my knees?

Not in fear, but sweet surrender.

The scars on You, for me.

The scars left by the marks of pain;

My sin, betrayal, rebellion.

Your scars prove that Your love for me,

Will o’er these have dominion.

What also do I hold so dear,

That which keeps me on my knees?

Not downcast, but in adoration.

Is it not the scars of mine I see.

Do not my scars two truths proclaim;

Show of defeat and victory?

The path of brokenness I’ve walked,

By Jesus’ blood, I’m healed and free.

New life Christ walks, new flesh He has.

And so too, soon, will I.

But ever precious to us both,

Our scars, just to remind.


2 thoughts on “Broken, Scarred, Loved, Free

  1. What a beautiful and powerful poem! “Broken, scarred, loved, free” are words that can definitely describe me and I am forever grateful to my Lord and Savior. Be blessed and find a way to bless someone else today!


    1. Thank you for your comment, Shelly. I am certainly scarred and grateful. I wrote this in response to a Steven Curtis Chapman song, ‘Beautiful Scars’ and something my brother wrote which he titled, ‘God’s Brokenness’. I might ask him if he minds me posting it.
      Thanks again.


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